Choose Corporate Movers Newport Beach

Many firms prefer using existent staff and arrange transfer to new location in Newport Beach by their own. This is not an optimal decision as corporate move is more complicated than household one. It involves many stages and has to be planned long-term ahead the actual shifting. Companies frequently fail to make the required checklist, do not coordinate the transfer effectively and finally loose plenty of time and money.

The hire of knowledgeable mover is a great option in this case. Experienced packers prepare the plan, determine roles and control total process. You have only to choose reputed and trusted company to guarantee safety of firm’s items and quick realization of shifting.

Knowledgeable corporate moving companies

Newport Beach Movers is unique solution for corporations seeking assistance in new location transferring. Time frame of the move is tough. Corporate owner has plenty of tasks instead of the moves planning. Our role is to do everything for you. We develop the unique shifting experience for our clients. Our job is to set up full schedule, prepare the checklist and control the transferring processes.

Analyze the basic checklist of shift we propose you to follow:

  1. Identify new place, its size, transfer budget
  2. Hire experienced removals firm
  3. Check for mover reputation, customer reviews, knowledge in the field, cost of service
  4. Inform you workers and especially IT staff about the details of the shift
  5. Pack office items, pay special attention to IT staff
  6. Do not forget to insure your items
  7. Enjoy your move and make it unforgettable experience

Proposed corporate moving services

Do not hesitate to use help o knowledgeable shifting firm during your move to avoid any problems. The role of Newport Beach Movers is to make it easier and transfer office with no delays.

Our primary service includes:

  • Checking corporate quote and preparing the moving budget following client’s requirements
  • Determining fixed price for shift
  • Controlling all process steps
  • Recommending experienced packers for office items and special equipment
  • Proposing various forms of insurance coverage

We have unique advantages in comparison to others movers:

  • Free consultation before the move
  • Free packing materials
  • Only real work payment
  • Local CA market knowledge
  • Recommendations of trusted corporate customers in Orange County
  • All inclusive prepositions upon request

Trusted corporate movers and packers in California

Planning a corporate move is real stress. Many things require analysis and special attention. A lot of time is spent and plenty of people are involved. Simplify your life and concentrate on business issues living your shift to Newport Beach Movers.

Plan your move ahead and fill in the quote right away on our website!